Helping You Make An Impact

93% of consumers have an increased positive image of a product or service when the company supports a cause they care about. At “I Impakt Consulting, LLC, we help entrepreneurs identify and align their small business goals with meaningful social causes to increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and make a difference while making a profit.


If you’re an entrepreneur, founder, co-founder, business owner with a small business or startup AND you want do more than make a profit. You want to leave a legacy, give back, impact your community, change the world BUT you don’t know how or you don’t have the time.  I Impakt Consulting, LLC may be for you.


You don’t have to choose between making an impakt and a profit. We present tailor made strategies to help align your personal and business goals, enabling you to impact meaningful social and environmental causes that integrate with your brand – for a positive impact on the world through a powerful triple bottom line

(People + Profit + Planet = Impakt).


Join the social entrepreneur movement alongside some of the most successful businesses in the world. Create a legacy of change, transform your business strategy to connect with a larger audience, differentiate your brand and start bigger, better, more meaningful conversations.