12 Great Valentine Day Gifts from 12 Entrepreneurs Giving Back

Love is important whether we’re loving someone else or just loving ourselves.  Self-love is one of the most important things in life even for entrepreneurs.


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Whether you’re celebrating Valentine day or Galentines day giving and receiving gifts can be fun.  My freshman year of college I took an interpersonal communications class and we had to read the book “the 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman.”  My love language is quality time and acts of service.  Some people have read the same book and found out that their love language is receiving gifts.


If your love language is receiving gifts or you just enjoy giving or receiving gifts check out the 12 entrepreneurs with amazing Valentine Day gifts that also give back below


By the way – What’s your Love language?



1.Maddison Watches (Luxury watches/ 10% to charity)







2.Mouth  Chocolate (Vegan )

Co-Founders (Sam Murray, Craig Kanarick, Nancy Kruger Cohen

Vegan chocolate – need I say more







  1. Purpose Jewelry (Empowers young women to break free from human trafficking)

Founder  (Stephanie Pollaro) Co-Founder (Wendy Dailey)







  1. Awe Inspired Jewelry (20% of every sale goes to national charity partner)                                                       Founder (Jill Johnson)






  1. One Hope Wine (Every bottle educates 5 people on their risk of heart disease)                                                       Co-Founder (Jake Kloberdanz)




  1. Valentines Red Box (100% of net proceeds from sale of the boxes go to fight human trafficking (his and hers) Sevenly Founder (Dale Patridge)





  1. 1Face (Each watch donates to a charity)                                                                                                                    Founder (Fam Mirza)







  1. Givida (For every product purchased Givida will feed a hungry child)                                                                  Founders (Kelly & Ryne Olson)






  1. Naja Lingerie (Made by single mothers. They are paid above wages, provide health benefits. Each bra is put in a lingerie hand-made wash bag made in the homes of women in extreme poverty Oh did I forget to tell you – they have eco-friendly bras and panties too.                                                                                                              Founder (Catalina Gerald)





  1. Madi Apparel (For every pair of underwear sold, one pair is donated to a woman in need)                                   Founder (Hayley Besheer)




11. Junkhouse clothing (For every pair sold, donate 15% to nonprofit partner)











12. bcondoms (20% of sales from partnership brands back to the organization that support the initiatives           Co-Founders (Jason Panda and Ashanti Johnson)

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