14 Ideas to Pay It Forward


April 28th is recognized as the official “Pay it Forward” day. This day is recognized in over 80 countries.

The concept of “Paying it Forward” is about recognizing that we’ve all received help from others in some way and we all have the opportunity to show our gratitude by paying it forward to someone else. I think the concept of paying it forward ensure the survival of the human ecosystem.

I personally make it my duty to Pay It Forward to those who have served in the Military. If we’re in America regardless of political sides we all have a great debt to the Military. I come from a Military family. My dad, grandpa, uncle and cousin were all in the Military. I also have many friends who are in the Military, and I continue to meet countless strangers who are in the Military.

We each have a cause or group whom we connect with through our story. Maybe your story is about a certain teacher who was the first person who believed in you. It could have been a nurse who cheered you up while you were in the hospital. Do you look up to a business owner who shared a story that encouraged you to keep going?

You know who or what that cause or group is that impakted your life. Who can you think of that you’d like to Pay It Forward to?

Whose story will you become a part of?


Pay it Forward day is not about going back to the person who gave to you, it’s about passing what they gave you in some way to someone else who hasn’t given you anything.

Are you sitting down or standing up wondering where to start? The list below can help you get your brain juices flowing to come up with how you’ll Pay It Forward.

Leave a comment below and share how you’ll Pay It Forward.


1.Write a Thank You Note (Teacher, Military, Community Leader, Nurse, Business, Police, Firefighter)

2.Give a gift (anyone who gives in the world even if it’s just their great smile)

3.Pay for a bill or service for someone else (gas, groceries, gift cards, pampers)

4.Let someone cut in line (store, highway, anywhere)

5.Write a review (business, podcast, co-worker, employee, boss – Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn)

6.Spend an hour with a child and let them pick the activity (mentee, connect through an organization)

7.Offer a free hour of service or gift to a loyal customer/client

8.Offer to babysit for parents who need a date night (Fred and Wilma Flintstone????)

9.Write encouraging notes on sticky notes and leave them wherever you go (door, bathroom, counter, mirror, car window)

10.Start up a conversation with a homeless person and listen to their story

11.Donate (blood, books, clothes, equipment, care packages)

13.Volunteer an hour (skill-based volunteering)

14.Take an hour and make a visit (elderly, prison, school, hospital)

Feel free to share another way we can Pay It Forward in the comments below.

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Krystal Nelson is the Founder & CEO of 'I Impakt Consulting, LLC' where the mission is to help small to mid-size companies create strategic, sustainable and measurable impact in the social and environmental causes their employees and customers care about.

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