6 Entrepreneur Conferences in 2018 Changing the World

As an entrepreneur, be assured each year will present new challenges and opportunities. Can you think of what your biggest challenge or opportunity was last year? Can you think of resources that helped you get through that challenge or obtain that new opportunity?

If you’re reading this article, conferences have probably been one of those resources.

There are many ways that conferences can be a great resource let’s check out a few.

Note: if you want to go right to the list of conferences scroll on down. If you want help preparing to attend conferences this year keep reading below (no scroll required).

9 Reasons to Attend a Conference:

  1. Learn about best practices, innovative solutions on the horizon and technology
  2.  Information on the new trends to stay ahead of customer demands
  3. Deepen existing relationships and build new relationship with like-minded people
  4. Get reenergized to go back and push harder and further in your company
  5. Open doors to possible new customers and new markets
  6. Build bridges for potential future partnerships
  7. Support social and environmental causes you care about through conferences that give back to those causes
  8. Build your brand by speaking on a panel, in a workshop or keynoting.
  9. If you’re attending conferences and you’re not getting those things above, it may be time to think about going to a different conference.


There are great reasons to attend entrepreneur conferences, but make no mistake conferences are an investment. This is assuming you’re attending the right conferences.  As with any investment you should expect a return. Make sure you have a good reason for going to the conference you chose to attend this year.


I’ve given you key reasons to go to a conference but once you’ve decided you want to go, you need to think about how you’ll go about choosing which conference(s) you’ll attend.  Here are a few questions to help you chose which conferences you’ll be attending this year.

5  questions to Ask Before choosing your Next Conference:

  1. Ask yourself – will the conference support my strategic plan I’ve set forth for the year? Entrepreneurs should all have a strategic plan for their business that includes a vision, key objectives, marketing and sales strategy, key performance indicator and much more.  How does the conference fit within your marketing strategy? How does it fit within the budget you’ve allocated for the year?
  2. Ask yourself – what do you want to achieve from attending the conference? Although there are many things you can achieve from going to a conference it’s not likely you’ll achieve everything at each conference. Focus on 1 or 2 goals that you want to achieve at the conference (see above to pick out 1 or 2 goals/reasons.)
  3. Ask yourself – is the conference within my industry?  Attending a conference that focuses on your direct (or as close to direct as possible) will help you learn key innovations and best practices that have been developed that you can leverage in your company.
  4. Ask yourself – who is the target audience for the conference and will my target or desired target audience be the there? Conferences can be a prime opportunity to establish new connections with possible future clients.
  5. Ask yourself – will the caliber of the people attending and speaking help me grow? It’s been said that if you’re the smartest person in the room – you should leave. It’s also been said that iron sharpens iron.  Your learning can be accelerated by surrounding yourself with others who are where you want to be. Learn from others mistakes and successes.


At some point in your journey to find the entrepreneur conferences you’ll be attending you’ll most likely have to conduct research. I hope the below information will help you with your research and be a value add.  I’ve comprised a list of conferences that specifically focus on entrepreneurship in 3 ways:

  1. Entrepreneur Conferences (Doing Good in the World) – read below for an explanation
  2. Niche Entrepreneur Conferences – (cater to specific industries i.e. doctors, fashion etc.)
  3. Entrepreneur Conferences in different States

Keep reading and if you find this content valuable I ask two things:

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  2. Leave a comment below and tell us about any other conferences you know about and how do you go about choosing what conference you’re going to attend


6 Entrepreneur Conferences (Changing the World)

The World Changing Women’s Summit “Who Should Attend” section says their conference is for those who believe, business can be a powerful force for good in the world.” These words really resonate with me. It sums up my belief about business and stands behind my – WHY for my company iimpakt.  The power each of our companies possess go way beyond a P&L statements, our companies have the power to bring about change in our world – to do good in the world. The conferences reflected below are for entrepreneurs who believe in taking their company beyond P&Ls to doing good in the world.

1.California –  The World Changing Women’s Summit Date: Feb.20–22, 2018

2.Los Angeles – Yellow Conference Date: August 23–24, 2018

“This year our 2018 theme is “Our Ownership”. It’s no secret millennials aren’t owning items like cars, houses and music like previous generations. Although we are less inclined to own when it comes to material possessions, what if we were known as a generation who knows how to own WHO THEY ARE? Owning the stories, dreams, visions, passions and abilities we have. Owning the problems of the world instead of turning a blind eye. Owning the fact that we’re in this together as global citizens. “

3.California – The Heart Series Date: Feb.15–16,2018


4.Chicago – Engage for Good Date: May 23–24, 2018

“If you work at the intersection of Profit and Purpose you’ve come to the right place”

5.Vermont – The Future of Food Entrepreneurship Date: May 31st and June 1st, 2018

“The Future of Food Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 focuses on growing conscious food and agriculture businesses, giving current and aspiring entrepreneurs the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to evolve businesses, create positive change in your community, and revolutionize the future of food.”

6.Austin – SXSW Date: March 9–18, 2018

“This programming offers opportunities to those working on social impact to identify and share solutions: from activists, storytellers and entertainers to philanthropic nonprofits, foundations and social enterprise.”


14 NICHE Entrepreneur Conferences

1.TexasRV Entrepreneurs (Recreation Vehicle) Date: Feb 22–25, 2018

2.North Carolina – Medipreneurs (Pharmacist) Date: April 27–29, 2018

3.Virginia – Veterans Entrepreneur Training Symposium (Vets) Date: June 10–14, 2018

4.Arizona – FitPosium (Fitness Entrepreneurs) Date: Oct.5–7, 2018

5.Georgia – Training Magazine 41st Annual training (Fitness Entrepreneurs) Date: Feb.12–14, 2018

6.Missouri – Small Acreage and Land Entrepreneurship Conference Date: 2018 Coming Soon

7.Florida – Podfest (Podcasters) Date: Feb.8–10, 2018

8.National – ARLIXMEET (Teen Entrepreneurs) Date: 2018 Coming Soon

9.Delaware – The Summit (High School Student) Date: April 11–13, 2018

10.Los Angeles – Fashion Digital (Fashion Entrepreneurs) Date: May 2018 (Agenda Coming Soon)

11.Virtual –Paediatric Private Practice (Pediatric Private Practice Entrepreneurs) Date: Feb.14, 2018

12.London – Private Practice Conference (Doctors Private Practice – Entrepreneurs) Date: April 11, 2018

13.Florida – Ignition Event (Physical Therapist Entrepreneurs) Date: April 20–22, 2018

14.North Carolina – Black Enterprise Summit (African American Entrepreneurs) Date: June 6–9,2018


8 Entrepreneur Conferences by STATE

1.Hawaii – East Meets West Date: February 1–2, 2018

2.Nebraska – Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference Date: April 6–7, 2018

3.Iowa – Entre Fest Date: May 17–18, 2018

4.Utah – Entrepreneur & Investor Life Science Summit Date: March 1–3, 2018

5.South Dakota – LAUNCH Date: Feb.22, 2018

6.Wisconsin – Entrepreneur Tech Date: June 6–7, 2018

7.New Jersey – Next Level Conference Awards Date: Jan.25–26, 2018

8.Massachusetts – Across Boundaries Date: Feb.1–2, 2018

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