7 Black Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

I’ve heard that part of becoming a good writer is finding your voice. As time goes on, I realize that finding our voice is on a continuum. As we evolve our voice evolves, and with it the underlining work to evolve our writing/our voice continues.

After we’ve done the work, there will be more work for we’ll be contending with the external voices of life that continue making attempts to impede our voice.

Sometimes I’m bold with my voice and other times I’m timid. I’ve thought about an idea for a few days and I’ve finally made a decision. I thought about not doing it at all. I considered the fact that some may be offended. I thought about starting off this whole post completely different. In the end, I sided with the urge to do the work and bring forth my voice.


As entrepreneurs with a desire to make an impakt in the world, city, neighborhood it’s critical that we show our customers who we are and what we stand for. It’s important that we show our customers what’s important to us. In a Cone’s communication study, the research shows that consumers want companies to advocate and stand up for the things that align with their beliefs as a consumer. Consumers don’t want products or services attached to entrepreneurs without a face, without a voice.

Today my voice wants to give honor to a part of me that’s important. It’s important because if it weren’t for it, my voice may have never had the opportunity to be found, be understand and evolve. Today I give honor to Black History Month.


Black History Month is an annual observance in the United States, Canada in February and the UK and the Netherlands (as of 2016) in October. It was started as a way to remember important people and events from people of African descent.

It’s relevant to me because when I was in elementary school and high school I didn’t learn much about the history of people who looked like me. There were speckles here and there but the overwhelming majority of history that I learned about was limited.

The first time I started to really learn about the history of people who looked like me was my sophomore year of college when I took a black history course. It was a very informative class and it gave me a different perspective and new respect and honor for those who were a part of paving the way for me.

There is something to be thankful for and people to be honored for the way paved in every culture whether it be Italian, Indian or anything else. Our culture and history are part of what make us who we are – it is part of our voice.


Today in celebration of our voices, culture and history I’d like to introduce


7 entrepreneurs who are making an impakt in our world.

Cur8able (Founder: Stephanie Thomas) Los Angeles, CA   

When I ran across Stephanie Thomas story I was fascinated. She specializes in providing styling solutions to those with disabilities. She brings a unique perspective as a congenital amputee missing toes and right thumb.

Stephanie has shown us a great example of what it means to have an Unique Selling Proposition as well and focusing on a target market. I see many entrepreneurs miss this and try to boil the entire ocean.

Stephanie’s work has blown my mind.

Stephanie’s impakt: providing fashion solutions to the disability community

Stephanie’s impakt: providing fashion solutions to the disability community


Goodr Food Rescue App (Founder: Jasmine Crowe) Atlanta, GA    

Jasmine Crowe doesn’t wait for change she creates it. She’s an entrepreneur that used what was in her hands.

She started out cooking food for those in need in an event, Sunday Soul through her entrepreneur venture Black Celebrity’s Giving.

She is now making an impakt in the world through her company Goodrc a food rescue app fighting hunger through technology.

As entrepreneurs we want to make an impakt. We want to grow our companies, but many times we focus on what we don’t have instead of optimizing what we do have. We can all learn this lesson from Jasmine’s work.

Jasmine’s impakt: providing hunger solutions through technology


 Amplify 4 Good (Founder: Joey Womack) Atlanta, GA

I’ve heard it many times over and I’ve said it myself, “change your mind, change your life.” Joey’s company Amplify 4 Good helps organizations change the way they think in order to position them to make an accelerated impact.

Joey also has a nonprofit Goodie Nation that brings together people to solve big social problems through technology.

When you empower others through your company you create the pathway to scale your efforts. Joey’s model should remind us to think bigger in order to make room for growth in our endeavors.

Joey’s impakt: providing scalable solutions through immersive experiences and technology


Zyrobotics (Founder: Dr. Ayanna Howard) Atlanta, GA 

LEARNING is for everyone. That’s the phrase that came to mind when I started to learn about Dr. Howard and Zyrobotics.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably picked up a thread weaving the entrepreneur’s stories together – technology. Technology is a powerful tool that all entrepreneurs should be thinking about, me included.

Dr. Howard’s work and innovative solution is a force to be reckoned with. Her company provides inclusive mobile technology that makes learning accessible for children with special needs.

Although she’s directly impakting a specific target audience, she is indirectly impakting each of us. The more people with access to learning the more solutions we have for the world’s problems.

Dr. Howards impakt: providing learning solutions through technology for special needs children and the world at large


Maya’s Ideas (Founder: Maya Penn) Atlanta, GA 

I first found out about Maya Penn through her Ted talk. I was amazed and inspired. I would think that most if not all are inspired when they find out about the entrepreneur Maya Penn. Her core beliefs are woven throughout her business model, it’s the cornerstone of her company. Maya fashion designs are always made with her core belief – eco-friendly.

Did I mention that she started out as an entrepreneur at the age of 8 with her eco-friendly fashion company and she’s now 18 as of February 10th (Happy Birthday Maya)? Maya’s gone above and beyond the impakt she’s making on the environment and in the fashion industry. Ten to twenty percent of the profits from her fashion company support local charities Maya’s passionate about.

She’s also started a non-profit, Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet, that is committed to spreading environmental awareness and encouraging girls to follow their dreams in non-traditional fields.

One more thing, check out Maya’s book, You Got This: Unleash your awesomeness, find your path, and change your world.”

Maya’s impakt: providing solutions for creating a sustainable environment through eco-friendly fashion


Me and the Bees (Founder: Mikaila Ulmer) Austin, TX 

If you haven’t heard of entrepreneur Mikaila, you may have been living under a rock. When you learn about Mikaila for those who were under a rock, you’ll not only learn about her lemonade she sweetens with honey. You will also learn about her story.

As entrepreneurs our stories are important and we can all take a lesson from Mikaila’s story that will leave a smile on your face by the time you finish hearing it. Bees and honey go hand in hand and Mikaila makes it a point to give back to the bees that have been a resource and source of inspiration for her lemonade.

For each bottle of lemonade sold she donates a percentage of the profits to local and international organizations working to save the honeybees. The honey from the bees is a nutritional source for many families in need.

Mikaila’s impakt: providing a solution to ensure the survival of bees that provide life saving nutrition to families in need and help our ecosystem stay in tact through honey sweetened lemonade


Curls (Founder: Mahisha Dellinger) Dallas, TX

I started using Curls after I heard Youtuber Tiffany Darlyn mentioned that she used the brand. As a consumer of the Curls product, I was extremely excited to learn about the entrepreneur behind the company.



Mahisha’s Background:

  • First kid to graduate college in her family
  • Economically poor background
  • Single mother for 5 years


Girth, resilience, fight and hard work is what connected the dots bridging her past with her future. If you want to learn about the dots she’s connected check out her book, Against All Odds: from the Projects to the Penthouse.

As entrepreneurs we all have a story, and I’m sure many of us can relate to Mahisha’s story.

Mahisha’s voice and impakt are reflected in the heartbeat of her company. Curls product ingredients are certified organic. What we put on our skin/scalp matters.

Have you heard of Curls Girls Rule the World? Well considered yourself informed. Mahisha is a founder of the nonprofit Curls Girls Rule the World that was created to connect young girls of color to mentors.

Her efforts have left a footprint for girls in the United States, Bahamas and soon the Dominican Republic.

At the time of writing this (February 11, 2018), Curls Girls Rule the World had a post on Instagram about Mahisha’s new partnership with Toyota to deliver long term STEM and entrepreneur programs for girls. Simply Amazing.

Mahisha’s imapkt: providing a solution for women and girls who care about the products they use through products with organic certified ingredients.


She’s also empowering girls around the world through empowering entrepreneur and mentoring programs.


SUM  it UP

I luv what each of these entrepreneurs are doing. All of these entrepreneurs own for profit companies that make an impakt. You don’t have to be exclusively a nonprofit to make an impakt in the world. There is a myriad of business models you can build to do it. If you want to make an impakt but you don’t know how let me know, I’d luv to help.


If you’ve read this far, I’d luv for you to share your thoughts below and subscribe to my email list.


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