About Us

I is for those who take ownership, responsibility and accountability. IMPAKT is for those who change the world, make a difference and make an impakt.

Yes, this is not a traditional “About Us” section. I opted for something that I hope is a bit more interesting and engaging. What’s more important, I want to not only give insight into what I do but who I am.


WHAT does IIMPAKT do ?

iimpakt helps small to mid-size companies redefine their bottom line to focus on purpose, people, and profit.  We do this by helping companies give back to social and/or environmental causes they care about in a strategic and sustainable way.

Whether you want to build something internal to your business, partner with a non-profit or something completely different – iimpakt can help

To stay competitive and relevant as a business today you must meet your customer’s needs.

83% of Americans wish more of the products, services, and retailers  they use could support a social or environmental cause

90% of consumers want companies to tell them the ways they support social or environmental causes

71% of consumers would pay more for a product and service giving back to a social or environmental cause when faced with buying from a brand that gives back vs. a brand that does not

Are you meeting your customer’s needs?  Are you leaving a legacy? Is your business making an impakt that is SUSTAINABLE? Are you ready to start giving back in a strategic way that will support your cause and your companies long-term goals?

If you’re ready – contact us today – we can help




Is Krystal from Alaska or Texas ?

Krystal currently reside in Texas, but the “Land of the Midnight Sun,” Alaska is her hometown


No, it doesn’t snow all year long


Yes, it’s mostly dark in the winter and light in the summer


No, she didn’t live in an igloo


Yes, the aurora borealis is beautiful


No, penguins are not from Alaska

My Story (at least part of it)

I want you to really get to know me so I’ve forgone the traditional textbook bio in lieu of a bit of telling you a bit about my story. Don’t worry I’ve added my educational credentials at the bottom. If you’re looking for a flavor of my professional experience I’ve enclosed the link  . Krystal Nelson Professional Profile

My Story/My Why

Giving back became a part of my life when I was a child. At that time, my dad would take me with him to hospices and elderly homes to volunteer.  I not only gave back as a child, but I remember others giving back to my family. Many of my clothes came from loving people who gave me the clothes their daughters grew out of.  I remember one specific instance when my parents didn’t have enough money to get my three brothers and I gifts for Christmas while we were int he Military and kind people from an organization came by our house to give us gifts and Christmas dinner.

Throughout the years I’ve kept those memories, and I’ve done what has always been in my heart – give back.  I believe we are all put on earth for a purpose and that purpose always goes beyond just ourselves.  We’re here to help impakt the lives of those around us.

Have you ever been drawn to something? Whether it was a person, a cause or even a certain vacation spot.  I’m drawn to a few things and some of those things include business and giving back to the following causes: homelessness, foster youth, military and mentoring.

I’ve always loved business. It’s no surprise to me that I chose to go down the path of entrepreneurship.  I started being drawn to the homeless when one day in college I saw an old man with a zillion bags tied to his waist and bike going down the side of the road in the dead of winter. I didn’t think, I pulled my car to the side and got out to ask him if he needed a ride.  I drove him about 5miles out so he could get to where he needed to go. After the first time I gave him a ride, I made sure to pick him up whenever I saw him with his bags and bike in the snow.

I don’t recommend doing what I did nor would I do it today, but I don’t regret it.  Have you ever responded to someone’s need, by saying “I’ll pray for you”? I have, but it occurred to me a long time ago that sometimes we’re the answer to our own prayers.  We have the hands, feet, and resources to answer the prayer.  We’re an extension of Jesus’s hands and feet.

As my journey continued, I found that I’m also drawn to helping foster kids.  I’ve felt like the underdog in my life many times and had to overcome many things. Foster kids have unique journeys to go through, and I believe that they can and will overcome any obstacle placed before them.  The world may see them as an underdog, but underdogs are resilient and there’s nothing they can’t do.

So what have I done, I’ve created a company around what I’m drawn to – giving back and business.  That’s i impakt. That’s me.

Professional Career

  • International experience (3+ years in Middle East)
  • Supply Chain & Project Management 12+ years
  • Career coaching for professionals 10+ years
  • Co-Executive Director StandUp For Kids 1 year
  • Junior Achievement 5+ years
  • Mentor to teens and adults via Non-Profit Programs 6 years