Our impakt

Our impakt:

At iimpakt, we believe in giving back. It’s part of who we are at the core.  Our lives values have become our business values.   We believe that each person has a cause that connects to their heart. A cause that energizes them.

One of the causes that connects and energizes iimpakt is helping foster kids.  iimpakt is currently mentoring foster teens through the Hays Center a 501 (c)(3) charity.

It’s called a charity but we believe it would be better to call it a win/win opportunity.  Mentoring does allow us to give back to some awesome teens but if you’ve ever been a mentor you know that you learn and grow from the experience too.

We’re passionate about mentoring and helping foster kids.  If you’re interested in mentoring check out the following articles to find opportunities that may connect to your heart.


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