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I Impakt Consulting Founder and CEO, Krystal Nelson, continues to mentor the same group of teen girls she’s mentored for the past few years. Krystal believes in mentoring for life. She believes mentoring is a two-way streak and although she aims to teach her mentees through intentional mentoring and sharing her experiences, the youth are always teaching her as well.

Since, she’s limited to the amount of youth she can mentor individually, she’s made strategic moves to scale the impact she desires to have within youth mentoring. Her journey to scale has led her to be the co-lead of the Greater Houston Mentoring Alliance (GHMA). A key goal of the GHMA is to help youth mentoring organizations scale their impact with youth

How does this connect to strategic, sustainable, and measurable impact?

STRATEGIC –Krystal’s work with GHMA enables her to optimize and scale the impact she desires to have in youth mentoring beyond herself. This all comes by way of a long-term strategy she is working to build with other members of GHMA. To think strategically is to think about scale, partnerships and long-term impact. GHMA encompasses all three.

SUSTAINABLE – The strategy behind GHMA is long-term and a key focus for GHMA is ensuring a diverse leadership team is leading the efforts. The diverse leadership team is part of a key strategy for ensuring the sustainability of GHMA. Another key to GHMA’s sustainability is the focus we place on adding value to each youth mentoring organization within the alliance. We’re leading by value. The more value we add equates to more youth we can impact.

MEASURABLE – Part of what drives GHMA is data. Krystal is a believer that “data does it better” and with that sentiment, GHMA key initiatives involve gathering and analyzing the data behind our efforts to help us make critical decisions

If you’re looking for opportunities to mentor check out Greater Houston Mentoring Alliance website where you’ll find a map of youth mentoring organizations, resources and events all focused on youth.

WEBSITE: https://www.greaterhoustonmentoringalliance.com/

Check out WHY Krystal Mentors in the link HERE

If you are not in the STATE of TEXAS but you would still like information on mentoring opportunities across the United States check out the link HERE


Krystal co-founded the Texas Impact Alliance (TIA) with Michael Menendez co-founder of Southern Impact Investing Alliance (SIIA). The mission of TIA is to help scale the impact in Texas. TIA found that there were many great things happening in Texas in regards to businesses and organizations making an impact in social and environmental causes in the state of Texas, but many are working in silos.  To begin the work of chipping away the silos, TIA has created the “Texas Impact Ecosystem Map.” TIA created the map with over 150 nonprofits, businesses, academia, and finance entities in Texas to connect and help facilitate collaboration for those withn the Texas Impact Ecosystem. Krystal  believes that “by ourselves we are good but together we become great.” She has carried this message in every key business endeavor she is involved in.  Currently, TIA is still on the ground floor of helping to scale the impact in Texas – Stay Tuned.

WEBSITE: https://www.texasimpactalliance.com/


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