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INFOGRAPHIC: How Do You Impakt?

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It’s Time to Find Meaning and Success in Business

Whether human, animal or environmental, in America, 93% of consumers admit to having a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about. And with 62% of entrepreneurs who give back enjoying more successful companies in the long run, it’s evident that doing good really does pay off in more ways than one!

The causes you support, support you.

83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes and sustainability. At iimpakt, we work with entrepreneurs to help them gain a better understanding of the value and opportunity their organisation has to make a meaningful social impakt while making a financial profit and growing their brand.


6 Reasons to Add a Social Cause to Your Business Strategy

Create a legacy of meaningful change

Define a cause you feel passionate about and use your influence to make an impakt, inspire change and create a long-lasting legacy for your organization. Discover the gratification that comes with doing what you love and still making a profit.

Join the Social Entrepreneur Movement

Experience how social good fits into a viable business strategy, and join other successful organizations all over the world that are making an impakt on local and global causes!

Connect with a Larger Audience

With the increased brand awareness that comes with supporting a positive social cause you’ll not only experience increased interest from existing customers, but be able to start conversations with new ones.

An Evolved Business Strategy

Transform your business strategy by introducing a triple bottom line to evaluate your performance in a broader context, and make an iimpakt from a social, environmental and financial perspective.

Beneficial partnerships

Create long lasting and strategic partnerships that will positively impakt the social cause you choose, as well as your business.

Brand Differentiation

Set yourself apart from competitors by making a valuable contribution to a worthwhile cause, inspiring your peers, delighting your audience and embracing the values you are passionate about.

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What to Expect from FREE CONSULTATION:

This time  is set up for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you a bit better. We realize that we’re not a fit for everyone nor do we strive to be so we take the time for both parties to assess if this may be a good fit.

How we Work at iimpakt

Opportunity Assessment

During the Opportunity Assessment we ask you a series of questions to learn about you, your business and the causes you love and hate.  After the session we go to work and put together a few different options for you to give back in a sustainable and strategic way that align with  your business and your values. At this point you choose which option you like the best.

Next Steps – You either chose to implement yourself or go to the next step with us.


At this phase we are implementing the option you chose from the Opportunity Assessment. This is where we get our hands dirty. We build, connect and implement a strategy that is sustainable and strategic. The strategy is not an ad hoc part of your business it becomes a strategic component of your business.


Working to bridge the gap between making an impakt and a profit, we measure every step of the process and remain agile, acting quickly to adapt and improve plans for best results.