The Story Behind WHY I Mentor

It’s true. The question is more important than the answer. Great leaders don’t always possess the answers but they have a unique ability to ask great questions.

As entrepreneurs, we are leaders and must learn to ask great questions. One of the greatest questions we can ask is – WHY.

While other questions may show us how to get to the door, the question WHY is key to unlocking the door.

I believe that understanding our WHY will unlock our purpose for our business.

My WHY goes back to my personal life mission statement, “to empower and create opportunity for others.” This is the guiding principle that I live my life and run my company by.

It’s what led my desire to mentor foster youth.  My decision to mentor foster youth was not a decision I chose haphazardly.

The WHY that led to my decision to mentor foster youth started with my own childhood. I was not a foster child, but I do come from a broken home and have felt like the underdog.

Definition of underdog: a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest

I root for the underdog. I am the underdog.

Many foster youths are seen as the underdogs, but I believe in them. I’m passionate about seeing them succeed.

My first quasi-mentees were my siblings. I approached the paths my brothers chose to take like I approach my mentees. I believe in them, and I’m going to rock with them to the end. Through the good, bad and in between I’m there. I may not agree, I may get frustrated with your decisions but I’m there.

That’s what mentees need. They don’t need a judge, jury and executioner, they need mentors who will be there for them.

I don’t have all the answers for my mentees or myself, but I give them what I have and I share with them what I know.

Your WHY may or may not lead you to impakt the world by mentoring, but your WHY will have a story behind.

What’s your story? What’s your WHY? What’s your impakt?

About Krystal Nelson

Krystal Nelson is the Founder & CEO of 'I Impakt Consulting, LLC' where the mission is to help small to mid-size companies create strategic, sustainable and measurable impact in the social and environmental causes their employees and customers care about.

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